History of slot machines

Origin of roulette

A mechanical worker named Charles Fey devised an improvement for a game he saw in New York. The inventor added a slot for players to enter coins and receive others in payment. I had invented the slots. As of that moment, the machine of Charles Fey became known as Liberty Bell or slot machine. This machine with improvements became a sweeping success that every casino and game room in the United States wanted to have.


Slots versus roulette

Unlike roulette or blackjack, slot machines offered an advantage with which it was not possible to fight. Slot players could place bets with the coins they carried in their pockets, accumulating more and then exchanging for cash. In this way, the slots became a very democratic game, because you only had to carry a handful of coins to start winning in it. In this way, in the casinos of the United States, the fever of the slot machines began to expand like the gunpowder.


Slots during the 20th century

When the new century arrived, inventions such as electronics improved the gaming experience in slot machines with bonus seeker.  In this way, in the big casino halls, any player could introduce coins and get a prize in exchange, at first pulling a lever, then plugging a button, which made things easier. In addition, the new slots began to accept little by little bills instead of coins, which made them even more popular.

The emergence of electronics made the slots like the rest of casino games, could be popularized even more.


Slots in the 20th century

Charles Fey could not imagine that his game would massif so quickly among fans of gambling. Although in casinos, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, among other games, had great popularity, roulette continued to be the favorite of the gamblers. The appearance of the Bally High Hand model, which allowed players to choose the reels to bet on, increased the popularity of the slots even more.


Electronic slots

The sixties would mean for the players of the classic slots, a new way to play. The model Bally Money Honey, allowed players to receive more money and continue betting without interruptions of any kind. In addition, the casinos did not have to employ more personnel to make the payments, because this machine came equipped with hoppers that were loaded with coins, which then allowed the player to pay, without the game being interrupted to do so. However, it would still come a step further in the evolution of this iconic game.


Online slots

The next step in the evolution of the slots was the online casino. With online casinos, players forgot to move to a game room to play blackjack, baccarat, roulette or slots. Simply by entering the web they could bet and play from their computer or even from their mobile phones. The model used for this, is a machine operated by means of software that emulates the turns and movements made by a classic slot machine.